Advisory and Insolvency Services

Anyone might face a personal or corporate financial crisis. At this point of time, it is vital to have a professional who listen and understand your specific issues and deals with them to your best interest.

At EKJ, we are responding to our clients needs and we are ready to provide the relevant support when and wherever is needed.

Our consultants and associates help a lot of our clients through the following offered services:

  1. Advisory services and client representation
    1. For non-performing loan restructuring
    2. New loan applications
    3. Reorganization of performing loans
    4. On banking related matters (e.g. bank guarantees, letters of credit etc.)


  2. Insolvency Services
    1. Administration in bankruptcy
    2. Company liquidation – voluntary and involuntary liquidations
    3. Examinership
    4. Personal Repayment Schemes
    5. Debt relief orders

Our team will ensure that you will make the right choice of services that will fit your specific needs.